When i grew up i was made to beleive the world was good. I was told humans are ”good”. In school teachers said things like ”everybody is equal and worth just the same” and ”everybody should be treated as such”. That’s what i was taught, that’s what i beleive most children who grow up in the same conditions as me are made to believe. By ”the same conditions as me” i mean in a place where you see no violence, where you never experience oppression (in my case it was a small swedish town, peaceful as it appeared to my young eyes). There they taught me to beleive in my ”conscience”- to listen to it and avoid making myself get ”bad conscience”- ie. ”feel bad” by not doing actions who created such feelings. Don’t hit you’re friend because you’ll feel bad about it. Listen to your ”inner good”…

Then i grew up more.

And i learned about the evil.

First i learned about poverty.

And i learned about war.

Poverty = indirect evil actions of the ”evil” humans towards the poor humans. War = direct evil. Look your victim in the eyes and shoot. Pure, direct evil.

Then i learned some psychology.

Of course, Lone! It is as we always told you- people ARE good from nature! People who do evil things are not evil, they’re just acting as they’d have to after the experiences they’ve been through!

Good experiences makes good people.

Bad experiences makes ”bad” people, and it’s not their fault!

That’s the theory i generally rely to (we can fix them again with some loving). But…

If bad experiences breed ”evil” actions… What breeds bad experiences? Of course. Other bad experiences. The mass murderer, or the oppressing dictator, was violated, beaten and raped by her parents, that’s why she’s being an idiot. Why where the parents idiots? Of course, their upbringing was imbued by bad experiences- their fellows brought them bad experiences. And so on. But hey… where did this start?

Why did we start, if we’re all so good?

Was there one evil person who was just made ”wrongly” and without that inner, natural good (a mistake by nature or evolution or god or whatever you might beleive in), who started spreading all these bad experiences?

They must have STARTED somehwere!

The bad experiences which make us evil, are they always man made? An answer to my question could be that these bad experiences could be accidental, caused by nature. She fell into a cave and got stuck for 30 years and it was no persons’ fault and now she’s evil, too bad. He was on a ship that drowned and he survived, had a trauma and now he’s doing evil things, what a shame.

Would you hit your child because you’d experienced a trauma caused by, let’s say an earthquake? I’m not so sure!

Is there a risk you’d do evil things if a rebel soldier made your brother rape your mother and then killed them slowly and made you watch it all?

Yes, i beleive there is a chance you might have gotten slightly mindfucked by that- turning in to a mad person who might do evil things.

So… what i wonder is- is it all bullshit? That stuff they taught me as a kid- that all humans are good, naturally and just by being human? And – if what they say isn’t true – then why did we start beleiving that all humans are naturally good? (bi-question: why do we have to teach them to be good to each other then?)

From what i hear about the past, say the middle ages and the roman times for example, people where pretty evil. People where generally evil, it seems. A whole audience, a whole city, cheering on as a poor human (stackars sate) get’s eaten by a lion in the colosseum. Everyone cheering. Enjoying themselves. Or, i bet there where a few so called enthusiasts (”eldsjälar”) who protested and complained about the cruelty.

Hey! I recognise that! A whole world being ”evil” except a few… minority ”good”, majority ”evil”… Oh i know where from, it’s our world today!

Yes. Call me a pessimist or a realist, but as i’ve grown up i’ve learned about all the evils in the world, and new ones keep appearing on a regular basis, and i think i’ve come to think of the world as majorly evil (or, let’s say i have for now), or, not evil but, you know what i mean… Hopeless! Or something like that.

I think it whould be pretty obvious for everyone who knows things about the world but here’s some examples of explanations to why i’ve come to beleive that:

The climate is destroyed. We have to do something about it NOW or yesterday but we don’t because it’s cheaper to catch a flight than a train sometimes and we do need the time, (oh don’t we darling? Yes sweetheart of course we do! You just catch that flight, you deserve it after working for so many hours!).

What do we need it for? Oh, we need it to work (more than is healthy so we, in the end, get exhausted and need a psychologist, a proffession invented by us so we can pay to make ourselves ”happy” (a fraction of them wants to work with what are they called.. doctors without borders! and talk to people who have so called ”real” problems… but i don’t understand why?)) so we can produce things we didn’t know we needed and actually make us greedy and lonely, and while producing it we kill the environment even more and use loads of people who we barely pay after a 12 hours work day and we exploit their country, make it ugly with factories and cut down the rain forest, and why not put some parts of animals in the products too, it makes it so colourful and shiny and we beleive that makes us happy (let’s eather make it cheap, so we can buy a lot and save some of our precious money, or expencive so we can show people we’re rich). And we kill you because you’re a jew, then we kill you because you’re a palestinian, then we kill you because you’re in the way when we need more money to run this country or this company, then we pay a politician to keep it a secret, then we steal some women and children and make them have sex with us in another country far from their home, then we become the richest country in the world the same year as we have the most suicides in the world*, then we become rasist and kick you out because your culture doesn’t fit with ours, because here we don’t steal and i saw you steal with my own eyes, and then we eat all the food in Africa because they’re fucked anyway so we might aswell eat it and throw some of it away even, then we celebrate it all by pouring out a whole bottle of very expencive champagne in the sink. Some people have come up with cute ideas to stop all this some times, take marxism for example- that we should all be together more and live like equals and they made up a whole plan to make it work. Aaawwww!!! That idea is as cute as a kitten in a basket on a post card but we all know that doesn’t work, haha, don’t we!? The communist killed each other too!

Yes, it ended very, very badly when put in a humans' (you know these greedy, power thirsty creatures) hand to control.

A world where a minority lives at the expence of the majority (and it’s been like that for as long as we remember!), and the minority isn’t even happy about it, and we teach our children that humans are good? Are born with a good will?
Everybody is equal. And everybody should be treated equal.